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For six years, I ran a social enterprise called Hands up Who’s Bored, that looked at ways to decrease apathy and get people engaged within political institutions. This developed into a national campaign, backed by O2, Amnesty, the Citizenship Foundation and many others, which helped u-turn a decision to make Citizenship education non-statutory in British secondary schools.

Activities included:

  • Interactive and video lesson plan which taught the fundamentals of political participation.
  • Guest taught in schools, youth and community groups.
  • Interviewed thought leaders on their thoughts around political engagement, including Kate Robertson, Global President of Havas Worldwide, Brie Rogers Lowery, UK Country Director of, TV personality and political activist Jolyon Rubinstein and many others.
  • Created online videos, including one satirical campaign ad which accumulated 30,000 views on Facebook.
  • Returning Ambassador for One Young World in South Africa and Ireland, which is the world’s largest gathering of political activists.